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Reference Code: 921-18

Volume 2, Issue 4, 17 Dec 2011

Paper Type: Original Research Paper


Thermodynamic analysis of advance technology com-bined cycle power plant emploing water/steam closed loop cooling in gas turbines


Combined cycle performance can be improved by improving the performance of gas turbine based topping cycle. Amongst various options the effective cooling of gas turbine blade for realizing the higher turbine inlet temperatures is one of the attractive options. The present paper deals with the thermodynam-ic analysis of advanced technology gas/steam combined cycle based power plant having closed loop cool-ing in gas turbine stages employing water/steam as coolants. Results have been obtained for the cycle pressure ratios varying between 12 to 20 and turbine inlet temperatures (TITs) varying in 1400 K to 1700 K for studying the influence of water and steam coolants upon the overall cycle performance.

Authors: J.P Yadav , Onkar Singh



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