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Reference Code: 916-18

Volume 2, Issue 4, 17 Dec 2011

Paper Type: Original Research Paper


Performance of a photovoltaic/thermal solar air heater: Effect of vertical fins on a double pass system


The steady state effect of vertical fins is assessed on a photovoltaic/thermal solar air heater having a double pass configuration in which fins are placed in the lower channel perpendicular to the direction of
air flow. Air passes through the upper channel of the air heater and before passing in the opposite direction through the lower channel. The effects of design, climatic and operating parameters are evaluated on temperatures, efficiencies and other parameters. For fixed operating conditions, fins are observed to increase heat transfer area and rate, reduce cell temperature about 16°C, and improve thermal and electrical efficiencies. Higher packing factors are advantageous as they increase electrical output per collector area and reduce cell temperature.

Authors: Marc A. Rosen , Rakesh Kumar

Keywords: solar energy, air heating, photovoltaic/thermal, fin, thermal, efficiency


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Marc A. Rosen is a Professor of Mechanical
Engineering at the University of
Ontario Institute of Technology, where
he served as founding Dean of the Faculty
of Engineering and Applied Science
from 2002 to 2008. Dr. Rosen has also
served as President of the Engineering Institute of
Canada and as President of the Canadian Society for
Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Rosen is an active teacher
and researcher in thermodynamics, energy technology,
sustainable energy and the environmental impact
of energy and industrial systems. Dr. Rosen has
worked for such organizations as Imatra Power Company
in Finland, Argonne National Laboratory near
Chicago, and the Institute for Hydrogen Systems near
Toronto. Dr. Rosen has received numerous awards and
honours, including an Award of Excellence in Research
and Technology Development from the Ontario
Ministry of Environment and Energy.

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