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Hassan Abniki, PhD., Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch

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Abolghasem Taheri, PhD., Allameh Tabatabaei University

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Winter& Spring 2012, Issue 3, 21 Jul 2012

Paper Type: Original Research Paper


Justice in the City of God


The “City of God” as the most prominent work of St. Augustine can be considered a good link between the Christian and Greek philosophical tradition. He argues that the purpose of human Justice, surrendering to order, can be considered rel-atively a type of human justice. St. Augustine, like many of the philosophers before him, stress that the ultimate goal of Peace for the human being is the universe, and hence, all the creatures’ natural instinct is to preserve the essence of life and interest in continuing to seek peace. Thus, the aim of every society is peace, and peace in society consists of people agreeing to have a relationship with each other, in regularity.

Authors: Mohammad Kamalizadeh

Keywords: Justice, Augustine, City of God, Philosophy, Christian Philosophy


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